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2014 Calendar
Chair Caning: 7 Step 11-Jan-2014 -
All About Valentines 11-Jan-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 11-Jan-2014 -
Knitting: Intermediate 11-Jan-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 12-Jan-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 18-Jan-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 19-Jan-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 1-Feb-2014 -
Beveled Glass Ornaments 1-Feb-2014 -
Card Making:The Big Shot 1-Feb-2014 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 2-Feb-2014 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 8-Feb-2014 9-Feb-2013
Writing Workshop 8-Feb-2014 -
Chair Caning- Fiber Rush 15-Feb-2014 -
Beginning Pottery (5 sessions) 21-Feb-2014 -
Crocheting: Intermediate 1-Mar-2014 -
Origami: Beginners 8-Mar-2014 -
Birdwatching: Spring and Fall 15-Mar-2014 -
Chair Caning- Flat Reed 15-Mar-2014 -
Knitting: Advanced 15-Mar-2014 -
Wheel Thrown Pottery II 15-Mar-2014 16-Mar-2014
Rug Weaving Class 15-Mar-2014
Rug Weaving Class 16-Mar-2014
Twist in Time for Beginners 28-Mar-2014  
Card Making 29-Mar-2014
Twist in Time -Delicate Threads 29-Mar-2014  
Paper Making: Bowls & Cardstock 5-Apr-2014 -
Pottery II: Wheel Thrown *Grad * ReCert 12-Apr-2014 13-Apr-2014
7 Step Chair Caning 12-Apr-2014 -
Basket Weaving Day 12-Apr-2014
Broom Making Day 13-Apr-2014
Crocheting: Advanced 19-Apr-2014 -
Beginning Blacksmithing 26-Apr-2014 27-Apr-2014
Book Binding: Journal 26-Apr-2014 -
Free Motion Quilting 26-Apr-2014 -
Printmaking: Trash Art 26-Apr-2014 -
Sculpting Basics 26-Apr-2014
Rug Weaving Class 27-Apr-2013
A Foraged Feast 2-May-2014 -
Card Making: Punches & Stamps 3-May-2014 -
Chair Caning- Fiber Rush 3-May-2014 -
Cheese Making: Mozerella 3-May-2014 -
Cheese Making: Feta 3-May-2014 -
Raku Pottery 3-May-2014 -
Cheese Making: Fresh Cheese Curds 4-May-2014 -
Cheese Making: Blue Caerphilly 4-May-2014 -
Barn Quilt Painting 10-May-2014 -
Painting the Landscape 10-May-2014 -
Blacksmithing: Tong Making 17-May-2014 -
Writing Workshop 17-May-2014 -
A Foraged Feast 23-May-2014 -
Rug Weaving Class 23-May-2014
Letterpress: Beginners 24-May-2014 -
Art Quilt Embellishing 24-May-2014 -
Marbling Paper 25-May-2014 -
Writing Workshop 31-May-2014 -
Barn Quilt Painting 7-Jun-2014 -
Beginning Photography: Point & Shoot 7-Jun-2014
Rug Weaving Class 7-Jun-2014
Beginning Blacksmithing 7-Jun-2014 8-Jun-2014
Rug Weaving Class 8-Jun-2014
Drawing I 14-Jun-2014 -
Drawing II 14-Jun-2014 -
Chair Caning- Flat Reed 14-Jun-2014 -
Writer's Workshop 14-Jun-2014 -
Baskets: Fabric Coil 21-Jun-2014 -
Plein Air: Landscape *Re-Cert* 22-Jun-2013 21-Jun-2014
Portraiture: Head & Shoulders 21-Jun-2014
Rug Weaving Class 21-Jun-2014
Sculpture Portrait in Three Dimension 21-Jun-2014 22-Jun-2014
Rug Weaving Class 22-Jun-2014 -
Oil Painting: Alla Prima Style 28-Jun-2014 -
Blacksmithing: Tool Making 5-Jul-2014 -
Barn Quilt Painting 12-Jul-2014 -
Christmas Greeting – Card Making 23-Jul-2014 -
Photography: DSL 26-Jul-2014 -
Sculpting Basics 26-Jul-2014 -
Writer's Workshop 26-Jul-2014 -
Rug Weaving Class 26-Jul-2014 -
Wear Your Garden 26-Jul-2014 -
Rug Weaving Class 27-Jul-2014 -
Blacksmithing: Forge Welding 9-Aug-2014 -
Painting: Watercolor & Soft Pastel 9-Aug-2014 -
Chair Caning: 7 Step 16-Aug-2014 -
Fabric Painting 16-Aug-2014 -
Plein Air: Landscape 16-Aug-2014 -
Pastels I 16-Aug-2014 -
Pastels II 16-Aug-2014 -
Rug Weaving Class 16-Aug-2014
Rug Weaving Class 23-Aug-2014
Spinning: Plant Fibers 23-Aug-2014  
Sculpting Basics: Horse 30-Aug-2014
Cheese Making: Mozzarella 6-Sep-2014 -
Cheese Making: Feta 6-Se-2014 -
Raku Pottery 6-Sep-2014 -
Cheese Making: Fresh Cheese Curds 7-Sep-2014 -
Cheese Making: Blue Caerphilly 7-Sep-2014 -
Chair Caning: Fiber Rush 13-Sep-2014 -
Broom Making Day 18-Oct-2014 -
Seminole Patchwork 20-Sep-2014 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 20-Sep-2014 21-Sep-2014
Sculpture Portrait in Three Dimension 20-Sep-2014 21-Sep-2014
Basket Weaving Day 19-Oct-2014
Wild Dyes: Basics & More 26-Sep-2014
Book Binding: Leather Journal 27-Sep-2014 -
Wild Dyes: Basics & More 27-Sep-2014
Sculpting Basics 27-Sep-2014
Blacksmithing: Begining 27-Sep-2014 28-Sep-2014
Birdwatching: Fall 27-Sep-2014 -
Broom Making Day 18-Oct-2014 -
Marbling Paper 18-Oct-2014 -
Basket Weaving Day 19-Oct-2014
Chair Caning: Flat Reed 25-Oct-2014 -
Paper Making: Bowls & Cardstock 24-Oct-2014 -
A Foraged Feast 25-Oct-2014 -
Plein Air: Landscape 25-Oct-2014 -
Sculpting Basics 25-Oct-2014
A Natural Christmas 1-Nov-2014 -
Letterpress: Beginner 1-Nov-2014 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 1-Nov-2014 2-Nov-2014
Letterpress Christmas Cards 2-Nov-2014 -
Christmas Greeting – Card Making 6-Nov-2014 -
Knitting: Beginning 8-Nov-2014 -
Stain Glass Ornaments 8-Nov-2014 -
Chair Caning:7 Step 15-Nov-2014 -
Baskets: Fabric Coiled 6-Dec-2014 -
Container Candles & Soap 6-Dec-2014 -
Stain Glass Ornaments 6-Dec-2014 -
Writing and Publishing 6-Dec-2014 -
Crochet: Beginning 13-Dec-2014
2015 Calendar
Chair Caning:7 Step 10-Jan-2015 -
All About Valentines 10-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 10-Jan-2015 -
Knitting: Intermediate 10-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 11-Jan-2015 -
Quilting: Beginners 15-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 17-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 18-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 31-Jan-2015 -
Card Making:The Big Shot 31-Jan-2015 -
Artisan Bread Making Made Easy 1-Feb-2015 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 7-Feb-2015 8-Feb-2015
Chair Caning: Fiber Rush 14-Feb-2015 -
Stained Glass Ornaments 14-Feb-2015 -
Beginning Pottery (5 sessions) 20-Feb-2015 -
Crocheting: Intermediate 21-Feb-2015 -
Origami: Beginners 7-Mar-2015 -
Birdwatching: Spring 14-Mar-2015 -
Chair Caning: Flat Reed 14-Mar-2015 -
Knitting: Advanced 14-Mar-2015 -
Wheel Thrown Pottery II Grad 14-Mar-2015 15-Mar-2015
Wheel Thrown Pottery II *recert* 14-Mar-2015 15-Mar-2015
Rug Weaving Class 14-Mar-2015
Rug Weaving Class 15-Mar-2015
Bee Keeping: Beginners 15-Mar-2015
Wool Applique: Beginners 26-Mar-2015
Spinning: Beginners 27-Mar-2015  
Card Making 28-Mar-2015
Spinning -Delicate Threads 28-Mar-2015  
Paper Making: Bowls & Cardstock 4-Apr-2015 -
Chair Caning:7 Step 11-Apr-2015 -
Broom Making Day 11-Apr-2015
Basket Weaving Day 12-Apr-2015
Quilting: Beginners 16-Apr-2015
Crocheting: Advanced 18-Apr-2015 -
Blacksmithing: Beginning 25-Apr-2015 26-Apr-2015
Book Binding: Journal 25-Apr-2015 -
Quilting: Free Motion 25-Apr-2015 -
Printmaking: Trash Art 25-Apr-2015 -
Sculpting Basics 25-Apr-2015
A Foraged Feast 1-May-2015 -
Card Making: Punches & Stamps 2-May-2015 -
Cheese Making: Mozzarella 2-May-2015 -
Cheese Making: Feta 2-May-2015 -
Raku Pottery 2-May-2015 -
Cheese Making: Fresh Cheese Curds 3-May-2015 -
Cheese Making: Blue Caerphilly 3-May-2015 -
Barn Quilt Painting 9-May-2015 -
Chair Caning: Fiber Rush 9-May-2015 -
Plein Air Landscape 9-May-2015 -
Wool Applique 14-May-2015 -
Blacksmithing: Tong Making 16-May-2015 -
A Foraged Feast 22-May-2015 -
Rug Weaving Class 22-May-2015
Letterpress: Beginners 23-May-2015 -
Art Quilt Embellishing 23-May-2015 -
Marbling Paper 24-May-2015 -
Barn Quilt Painting 6-Jun-2015 -
Beginning Photography: Point & Shoot 6-Jun-2015
Rug Weaving Class 6-Jun-2015
Blacksmithing: Beginning 6-Jun-2015 7-Jun-2015
Drawing I 13-Jun-2015 -
Drawing II 13-Jun-2015 -
Chair Caning: Flat Reed 13-Jun-2015 -
Baskets: Fabric Coil 20-Jun-2015 -
Plein Air: Landscape 20-Jun-2015 21-Jun-2014
Plein Air: Landscape *Re-Cert* 20-Jun-2015 21-Jun-2014
Portraiture: Head & Shoulders 20-Jun-2015
Sculpture Portrait in Three Dimension 20-Jun-2015 21-Jun-2015
Blacksmithing: Tool Making 4-Jul-2015 -
Barn Quilt Painting 11-Jul-2015 -
Pastels I 11-Jul-2015 -
Pastels II 11-Jul-2015 -
Photography: DSL 25-Jul-2015 -
Sculpting Basics 25-Jul-2015 -
Rug Weaving Class 25-Jul-2015 -
Wear Your Garden 25-Jul-2015 -
Painting: Watercolor & Soft Pastel 25-July-2015 -
Chair Caning: 7 Step 8-Aug-2015 -
Barn Quilt Painting 8-Aug-2015 -
Blacksmithing: Forge Welding 8-Aug-2015 -
Fabric Painting 15-Aug-2015 -
Plein Air Landscape 15-Aug-2015 -
Rug Weaving Class 15-Aug-2015
Rug Weaving Class 22-Aug-2015
Spinning: Plant Fibers 22-Aug-2015  
Sculpting Basics: Horse 29-Aug-2015
Cheese Making: Mozzarella 5-Sep-2015 -
Cheese Making: Feta 5-Sep-2015 -
Raku Pottery 5-Sep-2015 -
Cheese Making: Fresh Cheese Curds 6-Sep-2015 -
Cheese Making: Blue Caerphilly 6-Sep-2015 -
Chair Caning: Fiber Rush 12-Sep-2015 -
Broom Making Day 19-Sep-2015 -
Seminole Patchwork 19-Sep-2015 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 19-Sep-2015 20-Sep-2015
Sculpture Portrait in Three Dimension 19-Sep-2015 20-Sep-2015
Basket Weaving Day 20-Sep-2015
Wild Dyes: Basics & More 25-Sep-2015
Book Binding: Leather Journal 26-Sep-2015 -
Sculpting Basics 26-Sep-2015
Blacksmithing: Beginning 26-Sep-2015 27-Sep-2015
Birdwatching: Fall 26-Sep-2015 -
Marbling Paper 17-Oct-2015 -
Paper Making: Bowls & Cardstock 23-Oct-2015 -
Chair Caning: Flat Reed 24-Oct-2015 -
A Foraged Feast 24-Oct-2015 -
Rug Weaving Workshop 31-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
Letterpress: Beginner 31-Oct-2015 -
A Natural Christmas 7-Nov-2015 -
Letterpress Christmas Cards 7-Nov-2015 -
Knitting: Beginning 7-Nov-2015 -
Stain Glass Ornaments 7-Nov-2015 -
Chair Caning: 7 Step 14-Nov-2015 -
Bee Keeping: Beginners 14-Nov-2015 -
Baskets: Fabric Coiled 5-Dec-2015 -
Container Candles & Soap 5-Dec-2015 -
Stain Glass Ornaments 5-Dec-2015 -
Crochet: Beginning 12-Dec-2015

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